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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

My confession. I went on hiatus for another week Because..

I got another itsy job. I just have to walk a neighbor dog for a week for 200 bucks. Not bad I guess but his dog is HUGE.

Anyways back on track I will be posting stuff And THANK YOU for welcoming me back :), Well Short stuffs now on what I wanted to post. I started writing songs again. I only had to post these cause I had no other ideas at the moment.So bare with me Here are the lyrics. 

Title: Happiness is Needed.

If everything else fails, 
Just smile and take a look around 
Everyone is just as miserable 
Except that everyone thinks theirs are worst. 

Just smile and think about it, 
It's not as miserable as you think.
Money is not everything
Dont think of it too much or you'll sink

Even if the world is revolting againts you
Just smile and you will see
Even if missery is hating againts you
Just smile and you will see, It's not that bad.
Stop being sad   
Just be glad
that the world is not falling apart
and just smile with all your heart
It's not that bad.

No melody just lyrics.

As promised my post ends here
Here is a song you might like.

Liked the band cause I like the meaning of their songs. Implying that you haven't know that about me yet.
Thanks for reading guys!

Monday, March 19, 2012

How long has it been?

I am sorry guys I got into a bit of a busy life that I lost my internet connection lol. Anyhow I am back from my hiatus, And I will be posting just like before so expect me to do so! haha 
Meanwhile Can you help me bump up this Thread in league of Legends ? I had a couple of links there from our LoL Youtube I just need some views :] 
Thanks guys and See you later! :D

Monday, November 07, 2011

Today I got my phone case after waiting for so long.

They stated at least 15 days to get it but It took 3 and 1/2 weeks for a single cellphone case to arrive. I couldn't care less since I payed 1$ for it and it looks awesome. Comparing to a local store with just a jelly case and asks for10 dollars? no Ty.

Oh and I found different ways to make a fun search on google.
Type in:
"Google gravity" and click I'm feeling lucky.

Type in: Do a barrel roll

Type in: Tilt.

You will be somewhat surprised they had those!
I have yet to discover what else can google not do :/
And oh here is your music.

  Hollerado - Juliette

See ya! :D

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Cheeseburger at night.

I decided to make short posts as often as I could while eating a cheeseburger after I just brushed my teeth.
And just make my blog less boring.
I will just give an epicly funny picture and sometimes music. That's it and some little story. I know it just sounds the same as what I was doing. But w/e it's gonna be shorter.
Epic pic:

Anyway it's 1:40am and the only music I can find is this.

Enjoy the music Thanks for reading and Goodnight for me! 
See ya!

Monday, October 31, 2011


Hey guys jobless guy here and here to give you the costume that I have this Halloween. Bear in mind I made my costume with the following:
 ☼ Paper☼ 
☼ Paste☼ 
☼ Glue stick☼ 
 Plastic hat with glitters☼ 
 Black and vanilla acrylic paint☼ 
 White pants ☼ 
 White shoes☼ 
 Black shirt ☼ 
 Dark colored leather jacket.☼ 

Most of these items are inside my house and I only spent 5 dollars for the black paint and the glue stick.

I did put an extra 2 "goggles" on the side and so far it looks fail in pictures but it looks quite good in person.

My costume is like a futuristic plague doctor without the flashy technology but only goggles on the mask and leather sweater and of course the white pants and shoes.

Apparently there are ghosts on our house that a gay ghost has become my fan.

you can see here that I wear my flashy white shoes LOL taht I never wear. I  got it 5 months ago and never once wore it.
oh and what I have in my arms that time is my dog Shaggy.

 My sister's Vampire Pumpkin. Kids these days have no imagination, she just copied it off a piece of paper lol.

Enjoy the music.

Ludo - Love Me Dead

somewhat Halloween-ish song.
Here is your ending post pics and hopefully I gave you a smile :)
And because today is Halloween I give you Halloween themed ones.

This a post full of pictures. So I hope you enjoyed it as much I did. 
This is your neighbor blogger jobless guy saying goodbye and as always Thanks for reading!