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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

One week of playing and still not being so productive.

Here I am wasted 1 week of doing stuff and just wasting time for my own leisure.

Whole week wasted for playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Of course  I am playing the cracked version because you know how I'm oh so broke. 
Watched the season premiere of 

The Office 

and  then

The Mentalists.

I say it was fun!


Came up with 2 song titles, which I will be posting sometime in the future.


Baked some pie.

And played with the "Dog". somehow he is running away when I approach him. but at the same time follows me when I run. Weird.
And I do it all day for him to have a proper exercise until I leash train him and make him get used to the outside environment(he squeals like a hurt puppy when I put a leash on him and he doesn't move when I bring him outside.)

Brap Shaggy being classy.

Those very dark face and very dark eyes.

You don't even see them hahaha.

Anyhow. These songs won't be coming anytime soon (Unless I get motivated lol)
And I told you laziness is like my whole existence. and my brother is procrastination.

And One little thing that pissed me off this week is when I bought this soup.

It says  "Steak" and potato. ALL I HAD WAS POTATO.

should I sue Campbell's for this? hahaha It actually ruined my day.
Well anyway this is the only thing that I have ever done since I last posted.
I may do my songs sooner or later, depending if my laziness don't hit me or not.
So see you guys and as always thanks for reading.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Trying to play a song and Tourettes guy!

I was browsing some songs on youtube and trying to see what to cover or learn.
I wanted to play this song.

Yeah kind of good. And then I stumbled upon this.

Apparently to you all people who don't know what his medical condition is. He has Tourette's Syndrome
It's a medical condition which a person has Tics. Just like when a radio broadcast gets interrupted by interference and tics are often associated with swears or words that the person don't actually mean. Here are videos about this interesting condition.


It's baffling and I feel bad for their condition, But in the end It is kind of funny on my part and I don't really see it as a thing to be ridiculed. But I admit I laughed at those funny moments that these kinds of people provide. On the mean time, I have been spending so much time with my dog that I often fall sleep beside him after hours of playing. I probably have songs to finish and make you listen to but on the mean time I'll be putting more topics.This is the end of my post for now and as always, Thanks for reading.

Friday, September 16, 2011



That's all I have to say. I had a dog just last week. And so far he has been filling up my boring days lol. I also won one of those 1 year supply of pet food for my dog.  Named him "Shaggy" Because of how long his hairs are. We found Shaggy as a stray dog actually. But so far he has been coping good. He even learned how to climb up our stairs!

Anyway here are more pics!

If it weren't for Shaggy. I would be more like this:
I just keep sitting here at this computer, saying I'm making changes, saying I'm moving ahead in my life, saying I can handle it when it comes up... But I'm scared as hell for college and to grow up. I don't know if I can support the workload. I WANT to so bad, I WANT to go to all my classes and do all the work because I find it fascinating, but I'm my own worst enemy. My inherent laziness. Or is it inherent? I'm sabotaging my life, and I can't see a way to stop.

Kind of sad. But. Everyone of us have our own demons.
And Shaggy made my life more positive than before.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Alrighty. I recorded the last song I made.

I don't have a decent video camera and I don't think they're working lol. So I just record it with my crappy computer mic, cause ya know I have no money to spend some on a good one.
I made 2 versions a normal one and a Ska-ish one.
Hopefully you bare with it.

1st is Normal
2nd is Ska-ish

Again sorry for the shitty quality. I only know basic editing on audio files. And I don't have any idea how to auto-tune my crap. The Audio uploading site kinda made the song a little silent than the original. but oh well.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I made a new song again. And confidence issues.

I made a song. A Cynical one/ Pessimistic?

Title: The Best Day.


This is the best
Of the worse day of my life
You were leaving, 
C              D
leaving out of sight.

G               C 
you never told me everything
G              C
you're not even there
G           C
not for one time 
not even once.

G                  C
You left without a word
G                   C
You left with no hesitation
G                   C
Didn't even think twice.
You just left.

G           D                        C                         
This the best day of the worst day of my life.
 G                   D                        C                  
you were leavin, leavin me out of sight.
Em                                  C
without a doubt you never loved me
it never worked. 
I could only care.

Is that cynical? Pessimistic?
Whatever my friends says it's Emo. lol.


Confidence is kind of annoying. Sometimes you have a huge one and sometimes the lowest.
(that's what she said,)
I don't know IF I should post my recording of this song. GAHHH I hate my low self esteem.

Anyway feel free to listen to this kind of  psychopathic or sociopath song.
Kind of just both but it's like his way of expressing love.

Tell me if I already put it on my previous posts cause I'm too lazy to look back lol.

Friday, September 09, 2011

LOL minecraft 1.8

I got the leaked minecraft 1.8 "leaked" version according to notch lol.
Nuff said their creepy as hell.
If you want it here is the link:


I just hate these circumstances that made me a caveman for 2 weeks. No internet and I'm stuck to TV news. I just have to Freaking get my ass to the library to end up with 0 internet too. I ended up reading books. And watched a marathon of The Office and The mentalist. It's just plain annoying. I felt like I just got connected into life. Literally.

Sorry for the very short rant and I will post another blog post about the normal jobless life soon. Thanks guys see ya.