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Monday, October 31, 2011


Hey guys jobless guy here and here to give you the costume that I have this Halloween. Bear in mind I made my costume with the following:
 ☼ Paper☼ 
☼ Paste☼ 
☼ Glue stick☼ 
 Plastic hat with glitters☼ 
 Black and vanilla acrylic paint☼ 
 White pants ☼ 
 White shoes☼ 
 Black shirt ☼ 
 Dark colored leather jacket.☼ 

Most of these items are inside my house and I only spent 5 dollars for the black paint and the glue stick.

I did put an extra 2 "goggles" on the side and so far it looks fail in pictures but it looks quite good in person.

My costume is like a futuristic plague doctor without the flashy technology but only goggles on the mask and leather sweater and of course the white pants and shoes.

Apparently there are ghosts on our house that a gay ghost has become my fan.

you can see here that I wear my flashy white shoes LOL taht I never wear. I  got it 5 months ago and never once wore it.
oh and what I have in my arms that time is my dog Shaggy.

 My sister's Vampire Pumpkin. Kids these days have no imagination, she just copied it off a piece of paper lol.

Enjoy the music.

Ludo - Love Me Dead

somewhat Halloween-ish song.
Here is your ending post pics and hopefully I gave you a smile :)
And because today is Halloween I give you Halloween themed ones.

This a post full of pictures. So I hope you enjoyed it as much I did. 
This is your neighbor blogger jobless guy saying goodbye and as always Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Very productive week so far.

I bought those headphones. :)
They're legit and cost me 110 for 2. I low-balled them but I only get to have 3 dollars off :(

Here is the certificate and sticker. Shows it's really legit :)

And I really did make the mask. Here is my progress so far.

I have no budget for design paint so after some touch I will probably paint it white with some dirty white on it. And then use markers to paint the eyes black. May I remind you that It looks way different than the last pic I will put it up later this week. And I didn't buy anything making this mask lol I used some rice flour for paste stuff and they worked well.
                                 This is just a very short post with pics. Here is your music for today.

This is an OPM band from Philippines I liked the lyrics and I always wanted to play this lol.

Here is your interesting video.

A bully Cat that is all.

I will be putting a review of a book by our fellow blogger Check out his blog here Teleli. But I seem to lost the guy's blog cause I cant find it. (blog name was teleli and here is the link And his email got erased on my sent list. Weird. Very weird and also the guy's name is James Hutchings and made this : book

And here is your End Post Picture.
Spot the Real thing.

Hope it left a very good impression on you all. :) 
This is your neighbor blogger Jobless Guy Signing out and as always Thanks for reading!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Woobly Friday....

I decided to make a Plague doctor Mask. Because I like plague doctors, I haven't see anyone wear that costume so I decided to make it and hopefully I will be motivated enough to do it in 9 days. I have no idea where to buy some stuff for it honestly so I will probably be looking for a needle inside a bard full of hay. Wish me luck! 

If you want to know what plague doctors are they're doctors who were hired to tend into those who got affected by the black death plague or the bubonic plague? You can just google if you are still interested :P

 so I was so bored I ended up rooting my phone>Installing custom rom->Tried to understand the new rom->Bricking it->Shittingbricks cause I have no idea how to fix it yet->Somehow fixed it by reflashing->then rooting it again->then Reinstalled custom rom.
If you don't know whatthe hell is going on, Let me just say I made my phone into something useful then into something useless then tried to fix it  to being useful again.

What a day...

I was suppose to post this on Wednesday with some recording of the last song I made but I end up not posting any recording now because I was too lazy? or not motivated to do so. lol I don't see the difference on any of it.
I am just one lazy bastard. 

Oh and yesterday I went to Pacific Mall. I saw this Razer Orca Headphones. Their legit ones as far as I can see because of the box and the looks on the headphones are SO AMAZING. They cost like 75$ in Razer's website and this particular seller only sells it for $49.99?You think it's fake? I never seen a fake Orca before. When I return Dark Souls I will certainly Buy it. Don't get me wrong Dark Souls was fun but, I just don't have the time to play it :P. 
I'm probably gonna but it again after a while when it's cheap and stuff.  

Anyhow without further ado I present you 

Freestyle Train Surfing

Did anyone else chuckled on what motivates this guy? They were like kids. It's funny how he thinks he is so cool. Anyhow It still doesn't make me wanna try it as much as gliding, long-board riding down a downstream path, oh and yes I have tried skateboarding before so The thrill of this isn't as good :( Because you might end up losing a leg or a head or two.

As I go
here is your long awaited "end post" picture.
(yes I call it that now because It may actually leave long lasting impressions sometimes.)

Yes that's a silver surfer with a mustache midget. Smiling like Hasidic Plumber when you give him a bag of 300 pennies :P Just kidding. He looks a like a natural molester. You know those guys who grow up to be a Real molester. See that molester mustache?
And now before I end my post I wanted you to try and listen to this song. It's kind of good because I like it's lyrics. and It's Halloween themed (lol).

I'll be taking my leave. And probably gonna slack off all day now or go to Pacific mall and but that sexy headphone. Any-who, This is your neighbor Jobless guy Signing off and as always Thanks for reading!
(PS. I will probably post those song sometime after this LOL)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Inspiring Monday!

I was dozing around as usual thinking what have I done? to die... to die on Dark Souls. Can't I just swim? Gahhh!!! Anyways I actually had summed up my ideas and actually finished a song today. and WOW I actually am starting on a new one. (The one that I am doing now is the song that I promised to make but end up not doing out of laziness. zzzz) So I finished my song "Own Demons" and I am starting  my song Good Morning Selena. From Zerotix (Sorry dude I actually slacked off and made that song on Hiatus since I last promised.)
his blog's name is this Good Morning Selena and I might try recording it, not on my Shitty computer Mic but probably on my phone hahaha. So here it is Own Demons.

composed by jobless guy

We are all looking up,
No one wants to look down
No one wants to walk around the same path
We've been there.
We've never had so much before.
We've always smile over so much more

Well this song isnt just for the lonely people of the world. ohhh ohh ohh ohhh
This is for all of your demons inside
Demons who wanted you to fall.
But demon's won't have it all.

You begin to doubt, With everything you have
Never once right., Never once won.
Have you ever feel like flying.
Because this world feels like it's just keeping you down.
just stand up.
Even if you can't fly I will stay as wings by your side.

This song. Isn't just for the lonely people of the world.oh ohh ohh
Those demons. Those demons inside.
Demons can't drag you to fall.
I won't let you fall.

With everything I will be there.
I will try 
I will cry
To make it better.

Well this song isn't just for the lonely pople of the world. ohh oohh ohh
Well this song isn't just for the lonely people of the world,
This is for all your demons inside.
(Demons inside.)
Well this song. Isn't just for you and me.
Cause we are not meant to be.


That's it hope you liked it and I'm just gonna go at the back to get a slap from a monkey too.
Please forgive me if you ever find any mistakes :(
I will try my best more.
And hopefully I will please you more soon :/
Annnndd. (awkward)
I guess this is the end of my post lol.
So this is your neighbor Jobless Guy signing out and as always thanks for reading!
What do you think? You think you can make a tune for me? Tell me if you can!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

And so, I bought Dark souls.


And it was too bad that I just now realized that I don't have a working PVR to record my game-play so I might record it on my phone (1080p but degraded of course) and it may took a while of getting used to. I'm restarting my game-play cause I messed up lol. I might end up buying a capture card or what not.  PVR and Capture cards are just Expensive. $200 for a good one same goes for capture cards. If anyone of you know a cheap capture card and has a good quality let me know!

Okay, Another topic.

Actually I walked my way to Futureshop to buy Dark Souls.
And on the way I took some pictures.
A (haunted) deserted house? I want to believe :(
It was a huge Farm house with hectares of land.
looks a bit creepy in my opinion.
I took these pictures with my phone. :D
I love d it and the hype about iphone 4s.
I just don't get it lol.
Back to topic.

This place was close to a regional highway I was walking on my way to the shop. Kind of reminded me of those movies, The Saint Francisville Experiment and the last exorcism (the scenery is what scares me the most) Thought that movie (the last exorcism is funny as hell)  Is terrible, I still like the movie setting. I would never hate on settings like those. Sometimes They terrify me more than the ghost on the movie it self.
This kind of left an impression lol. Since Halloween is almost here.
I might make an EMO song for Halloween I don't know maybe yes maybe no lol.

That's it for now and I leave you with this awesome picture and play the music with it if you want lol.

Teenagers From Mars - Misfits

Hope this doesn't your love for the female body guys ( it almost did to me). 
Once again this is you neighbor jobless guy signing off and as always Thanks for reading!
 Do you feel the same way?
See ya! :P

Monday, October 10, 2011

I gots me my phone. And I'm buying dark souls.

I got me my buggy android phone since Friday! I gots this LG optimus 2x or what they call LG g2x on US.

Quite awesome I say!
 Played the game Destinia, Cut the rope and other free stuff from time to time and I enjoyed it's 1080p videos which will probably be uploaded soon. heck those are crazy times. I mean come on me and friends went to our bar and for after party we went into a park indulged our selves in a couple of Jager bombs. (redbull+Jager master) and while on it we are shooting Roman candles on the sky!

Except this morning it didn't turn on. It made me rage and sad at the same time. Because I waited 2 months just to get this phone(shitty customer service on my phone provider) and now this? And so I googled what's going on and they say it was probably my charger's fault and yes I have to admit I was using a usb-to-power-plug converter lol.

I'm currently trying to pull my self together to  sum up the strength to play this game Dark Souls™.
I will probably Update this post so I can post a video of me playing the game hahaha. It's rage inducing they say. I played Demon Souls™ which is it's predecessor. I say it is frustrating but once you got the feel of it the glory and feeling of winning without cheap tricks or cheats is very rewarding in my opinion.
BUT, It's freaking Thanks giving this Monday so I didn't get to buy it :(

Anyways, let me provide you with a wonderful song by Blink182 while you enjoy the picture below.
I gots me their new album ( I got a rebate of 20 dollars from my last purchase of stuff) gave me a 20 dollar American Express card. :)

Blink 182 - Kaleidoscope

Anyway enjoy this pic and the music.

I will probably more or less post those game-play videos of me playing Dark souls. But I won't give false hopes because I probably will struggle to figure out how to record my games on a Ps3 using my PC haha.
And so here is your blog neighbor Jobless guy and as always Thanks for reading.