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Friday, October 07, 2011

Hey! It's Friday!

I was bored and what can a jobless guy do? Troll youtube.

This was originally did by my brother and the loads of lul was awesome. 

And their responses are AWESOME and A LOT in just one day.

Sorry for the very short post I just want to share. 
So I provide you some music you might like.

This has been you neighbor jobless guy and once again thanks for reading!


  1. I must be missing something because i don't get the hold Alt while liking a vid (and i'm not going to try it either hahaha).
    Anyway, i do like the strokes and i'm watching em live this november :D

  2. @HP It was a trick, so people would think something will happen but in the end they just end up giving me more thumbs up. The more curious people who do so the more likes I get the more lulz will have hahaha

  3. Ohhh that's a good one hahahah i felt slightly stupid, but i least i didn't tried it hahaha

  4. damn that cat picture had me ROFL because I read it in a Sopranos style gangster voice.

  5. Hahahaha that is quite a good trick. But it would have the opposite effect on me, I would not try it out of fear.

  6. haha..I'm with Mark. haha

    who knows your pc will suddenly turn blank when you do that trick. haha

  7. I may have to use your trick!!

  8. where's your new post? waaaah. gosh. blogger sucks.

  9. @Mai hahaha I just posted it now, I made a mistake earlier by posting just the Title so here ya go you can read on!