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Monday, October 17, 2011

Inspiring Monday!

I was dozing around as usual thinking what have I done? to die... to die on Dark Souls. Can't I just swim? Gahhh!!! Anyways I actually had summed up my ideas and actually finished a song today. and WOW I actually am starting on a new one. (The one that I am doing now is the song that I promised to make but end up not doing out of laziness. zzzz) So I finished my song "Own Demons" and I am starting  my song Good Morning Selena. From Zerotix (Sorry dude I actually slacked off and made that song on Hiatus since I last promised.)
his blog's name is this Good Morning Selena and I might try recording it, not on my Shitty computer Mic but probably on my phone hahaha. So here it is Own Demons.

composed by jobless guy

We are all looking up,
No one wants to look down
No one wants to walk around the same path
We've been there.
We've never had so much before.
We've always smile over so much more

Well this song isnt just for the lonely people of the world. ohhh ohh ohh ohhh
This is for all of your demons inside
Demons who wanted you to fall.
But demon's won't have it all.

You begin to doubt, With everything you have
Never once right., Never once won.
Have you ever feel like flying.
Because this world feels like it's just keeping you down.
just stand up.
Even if you can't fly I will stay as wings by your side.

This song. Isn't just for the lonely people of the world.oh ohh ohh
Those demons. Those demons inside.
Demons can't drag you to fall.
I won't let you fall.

With everything I will be there.
I will try 
I will cry
To make it better.

Well this song isn't just for the lonely pople of the world. ohh oohh ohh
Well this song isn't just for the lonely people of the world,
This is for all your demons inside.
(Demons inside.)
Well this song. Isn't just for you and me.
Cause we are not meant to be.


That's it hope you liked it and I'm just gonna go at the back to get a slap from a monkey too.
Please forgive me if you ever find any mistakes :(
I will try my best more.
And hopefully I will please you more soon :/
Annnndd. (awkward)
I guess this is the end of my post lol.
So this is your neighbor Jobless Guy signing out and as always thanks for reading!
What do you think? You think you can make a tune for me? Tell me if you can!


  1. You should make a song about bitch slapping monkeys. That's what people wants to read about. Just look at his furry face, he is dead serious. He wasn't taking shit from the other guy.

  2. Yes, please me more. That song did please me. That's totally my fucking song. I'm only half sarcastic. It really was good, and it really did hit me deep. I'm no good with tunes. I can think of things that sound awesome on their own, but then shit when I try to put them together to make something akin to a song.

  3. Dark Souls = inspiration/motivation eh?

  4. @HasiPlumbee LoL That would be awesome.

    @Mark this song was just a "spur of moment kind of thing".

    @Mai Hahaha No audio for now :P

  5. Nice post.
    I like this second blog too!

  6. cool text, cant waait to hear it with some good music ;D

  7. You still haven't convinced me to play Dark Souls. :P

  8. @DWei lol I'm not trying to. If you don't want to play it just try it's predecessor Demon's Soul. It's cheap nowadays because it's like 3 years old.

  9. I like the song. (:

  10. I want to hear it put to music :0

  11. Not today, because i'm going to bed now, but maybe tomorrow or one of these days, i will write a song about bitch slapping monkeys just for you. Take my word and if i forget it, remind me to write it.

  12. @HP I would want to hear it I want you to make a video of it! With your beard and some dancing raccoons! I'll remind you if you forget! hahaha

  13. Hey Monkey don't make me slap
    Take your red ass and make it better
    Remember to comb up your furry face
    Then you can start to make it better

    Hey Monkey don't be afraid
    You were made to go out and slap her
    The minute you show your red and bright ass
    Then you begin to make it better

    And any time you feel the pain, Hey Monkey, refrain
    Don't carry the world upon your shoulders
    For well you know that it's a baboon who plays it cool
    By making his world a little colder
    Da da da da da
    da da da da
    Hey Monkey

  14. dang monkey slap must hurt