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Friday, October 21, 2011

Woobly Friday....

I decided to make a Plague doctor Mask. Because I like plague doctors, I haven't see anyone wear that costume so I decided to make it and hopefully I will be motivated enough to do it in 9 days. I have no idea where to buy some stuff for it honestly so I will probably be looking for a needle inside a bard full of hay. Wish me luck! 

If you want to know what plague doctors are they're doctors who were hired to tend into those who got affected by the black death plague or the bubonic plague? You can just google if you are still interested :P

 so I was so bored I ended up rooting my phone>Installing custom rom->Tried to understand the new rom->Bricking it->Shittingbricks cause I have no idea how to fix it yet->Somehow fixed it by reflashing->then rooting it again->then Reinstalled custom rom.
If you don't know whatthe hell is going on, Let me just say I made my phone into something useful then into something useless then tried to fix it  to being useful again.

What a day...

I was suppose to post this on Wednesday with some recording of the last song I made but I end up not posting any recording now because I was too lazy? or not motivated to do so. lol I don't see the difference on any of it.
I am just one lazy bastard. 

Oh and yesterday I went to Pacific Mall. I saw this Razer Orca Headphones. Their legit ones as far as I can see because of the box and the looks on the headphones are SO AMAZING. They cost like 75$ in Razer's website and this particular seller only sells it for $49.99?You think it's fake? I never seen a fake Orca before. When I return Dark Souls I will certainly Buy it. Don't get me wrong Dark Souls was fun but, I just don't have the time to play it :P. 
I'm probably gonna but it again after a while when it's cheap and stuff.  

Anyhow without further ado I present you 

Freestyle Train Surfing

Did anyone else chuckled on what motivates this guy? They were like kids. It's funny how he thinks he is so cool. Anyhow It still doesn't make me wanna try it as much as gliding, long-board riding down a downstream path, oh and yes I have tried skateboarding before so The thrill of this isn't as good :( Because you might end up losing a leg or a head or two.

As I go
here is your long awaited "end post" picture.
(yes I call it that now because It may actually leave long lasting impressions sometimes.)

Yes that's a silver surfer with a mustache midget. Smiling like Hasidic Plumber when you give him a bag of 300 pennies :P Just kidding. He looks a like a natural molester. You know those guys who grow up to be a Real molester. See that molester mustache?
And now before I end my post I wanted you to try and listen to this song. It's kind of good because I like it's lyrics. and It's Halloween themed (lol).

I'll be taking my leave. And probably gonna slack off all day now or go to Pacific mall and but that sexy headphone. Any-who, This is your neighbor Jobless guy Signing off and as always Thanks for reading!
(PS. I will probably post those song sometime after this LOL)


  1. Really nice post!

  2. It looks like a great costume, good luck with making the mask :D Regarding the first video, human stupidity has no boundaries..

  3. I'm making my own mask. (:

  4. Imma wear that mask on Halloween!

  5. lol, silver midget

  6. @escapist It's just so hilarious how they think they're cool lol.

  7. Those are some badass looking headphones, and good luck with the mask stuff. I want one now.

  8. Blighted Beak goes for 2 refined metal in TF2. Damn, I need to stop trading so much. :P

    Also, I recently broke my headphones and I miss them...

  9. You know, I'd love to give this mask a go but, in all honesty, I'm nowhere nearly crafty enough to be able to make this. :S

  10. Nice tutorial, and great mask, you really got some skill!