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Monday, October 10, 2011

I gots me my phone. And I'm buying dark souls.

I got me my buggy android phone since Friday! I gots this LG optimus 2x or what they call LG g2x on US.

Quite awesome I say!
 Played the game Destinia, Cut the rope and other free stuff from time to time and I enjoyed it's 1080p videos which will probably be uploaded soon. heck those are crazy times. I mean come on me and friends went to our bar and for after party we went into a park indulged our selves in a couple of Jager bombs. (redbull+Jager master) and while on it we are shooting Roman candles on the sky!

Except this morning it didn't turn on. It made me rage and sad at the same time. Because I waited 2 months just to get this phone(shitty customer service on my phone provider) and now this? And so I googled what's going on and they say it was probably my charger's fault and yes I have to admit I was using a usb-to-power-plug converter lol.

I'm currently trying to pull my self together to  sum up the strength to play this game Dark Souls™.
I will probably Update this post so I can post a video of me playing the game hahaha. It's rage inducing they say. I played Demon Souls™ which is it's predecessor. I say it is frustrating but once you got the feel of it the glory and feeling of winning without cheap tricks or cheats is very rewarding in my opinion.
BUT, It's freaking Thanks giving this Monday so I didn't get to buy it :(

Anyways, let me provide you with a wonderful song by Blink182 while you enjoy the picture below.
I gots me their new album ( I got a rebate of 20 dollars from my last purchase of stuff) gave me a 20 dollar American Express card. :)

Blink 182 - Kaleidoscope

Anyway enjoy this pic and the music.

I will probably more or less post those game-play videos of me playing Dark souls. But I won't give false hopes because I probably will struggle to figure out how to record my games on a Ps3 using my PC haha.
And so here is your blog neighbor Jobless guy and as always Thanks for reading.


  1. Oh, the Optimus is great :)

  2. I'll wait for those videos. :D

  3. nice song and sorry to hear that about your phone. Have you considered to switch your phone provider for better service?

  4. @A IT IS! The screen is great everything about it except the froyo os it has lol but it wasn't so bad.
    @2 pesos Hopefully I can figure out how to record some stuff on my pc from my ps3 hahaha.

    @Mekkor Well it still booted up and I'm still using it lol. I just didn't mention hahaha. I'm still using it. and cured the overheat problem by using my own stock charger.

  5. oh yeah. I gotta say..WOW! O_O

  6. Keep it together man, the phone will survive. We will make it happen man. I won't let him die.
    I would cry too if i waited 2 months for it, and the next morning it didn't turn on.

  7. That sux about the phone, good luck with it

  8. Good Luck with the phone!Followed :D

  9. As I sad before, that's excellent phone, enjoy it! :P

  10. What happened to the phone? I couldn't sleep thinking of it. Nahh not really hahaha but still kinda curious on what happened.

  11. I hope you sort out the phone problem. Android *is* the way to go.

  12. @HPlumber. The phone was ok lol. it kind of recovered after I removed the battery for a while then put it back. It turned on. THANK GOD.

  13. Have fun with Dark Souls. I like challenging games too.

  14. nice phone, it's all glowy n' stuff