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Monday, August 29, 2011

What happened last week. I'm back again lol.

Been a while? :D 
So I'm back.
How was the week? Here it is.
Mon-Thursday is kinda bland. so We off to the less boring parts of the day.
Friday, It was tiring and finally the end of weekdays.
Was a good sunny day for me. Hot and windy weather just made me feel good instead of feeling stressed. 

Saturday this Happened.
Early in the morning I was just going home. at 5am-6am
It was kind of creepy lol. 

Silent Hill much?

That new hotel above looked like an abandoned haunted place in Silent Hill games.

uh oh cars disappearing one by one.

Now there is nothing here:

As of date I have no idea IF I should buy a car now. Or just save it in case.
And holy mother of god! This what I fucking want!

$499 IS kind of expensive I would've prefer a bigger one like 32 inch?
The features where awesome though but I really will loved it for 499 and it's 32 inch.

I won't be putting music on this because I wanted you to hear this. I always hear this on my favorite radio station.

They make me Rofl every morning.

Job is done for now so here I am and will probably update a little more than before.
I will find more stuff that might interest you and post it immediately here.
This has been your Friendly jobless guy signing out and as always thanks for reading.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Got another job.

That's why I didn't have the time to post lol.
I need money for college and buy a new car. gonna work 11 hours everyday for 7 days. Getting about 7k. Will help boost my money pool. So sorry if I can't update much lately. I never had the time to do so.
Meanwhile I'm providing you with this. while I'm at it.

And I have checked onto Dota 2.
Not bad considering League of Legends is disappointing me at the moment.
I might provide you with more insight on it too.

Gorillaz is always good with these kinds of songs. Songs that give off stories and meanings. That is why until they never fail to amuse me.
Enjoy the Gorillaz song and as always Thanks for reading.

Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm back! after a week being away from my computer.

Before you read up let me provide you with a music while you read.

                      Sorry guys it took me exactly 1 week or more to go back to my computer, I had a job. For a week, cleaning stuff. 500 dollars in a week isn't half bad. Was not bad and had some trippy moments with the neighborhood trippy guy that always hang around with me whenever I clean the washrooms.
This isn't him, this is the double rainbow guy.

I'm going to quote one of unforgettable words from him.

googled "tripping" this looked trippy enough.

"Whoa dude, is this a dream? This is the first time I had been on a woman's washroom. Slap me silly please, because this might be a dream for a 33 year old guy like me."

"Have you ever feel like a big head looking around people and seeing things like normal people don't?"

"Nothing is cash, Whoever said it's cash. It's not cash to me. Cash is something that has a value and for me, my life is cash."

I never had a chance to ask for permission of his picture so I never took one. But yes he is trippy as hell and gives off a "it's all good" vibe. he made me less bored whenever he hangs around
as I clean those washrooms. He is somewhat a
co-owner of some store I have not time to check lol.

Sorry to bother you with my long comeback posts. So I give you and entertaining clip.
This is Captain awesome.

So yeah I'm back and glad to. See ya guys and as always Thanks for reading.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Hello Fellas. Change of plans.

I think I might not be able to keep up on the schedule at all. Damn decisions, I kinda didn't see it coming that after Sunday It's Monday. I know that was pretty late rofl.

And yes. It's underrated bands (Canadians first) Time again.

I wasn't sure If the first band that I was suppose to review is underrated now because lately they have been getting more and more attention. So I changed it From Hollerado to Hey Rosetta!

Hollerado is probably going mainstream probably lol.

So here goes. 

Hey Rosetta

This band is awesome in some points. Their song is more of a feeling, It feels like they are more into putting emotions or feelings into their songs. So far the songs I have heard from them gave me feelings of losing someone and the other is the feeling of someone new coming to your life. I will put up 3 of their songs for your glory. Alright enough of the details because you can clearly look them up on their wiki and website. Their probably underrated like other indie bands too.
Anyways here is their music.

Red Heart

This song portrays the man on the video's life it represented him as a color. The video of the song fits perfectly, because it describes what those colors on the means. Red both can represent death and life, On this video the car is red her representation is RED. She is his life. and from the song says "Somewhere in the red the colors end". So we can assume she died? Check out the comments on the video. No one is trolling and some people are actually giving out good responses lol. They have some thoughtful comments on what the song and the video is representing.

Alright Next song is featured on my blog on my earlier blogging days because I liked it and took time to tab the chords. Here is the blog post if you are interested: LINK.


Yep, This song is about a baby coming out to the world. 

Nuff said. Enjoy the music lol.

Last but not the least.

Hey Rosetta - The Simplest Thing

This song is something that I can listen to while I read books. It's somehow becoming related to me the more I listen to it.

And I'm done. Then let me commence this "SO close, yet SO far" Pictures for you all.

Hope you had fun. So my Sunday post is done for now guys. I am your Friendly neighborhood jobless guy Signing out. And  as always Thanks for reading.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

I guess I'll make a better schedule on what stuff should I post when.

I decided to post at M W F & Sunday. So I'm just letting you know so you won't be looking for me daily now lol. Thanks for reading and I will let you know on Sunday what's up. See ya guys.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Skipped Thursday! Electric outage. And not bad Friday.

It was an awesome day yesterday I went out to bring back the phone that I got from my Service Provider. Might as well say I don't like Blackberry So I wanted an Android. To my luck The freaking store has a "No Return No Exchange" "policy" Which as far as I know goes against' the Service provider's "15 days and 30 mins calling satisfaction guarantee" So I called the Service provider (Fido) and took me an hour to try and make the store lady talk to them. To no avail, She refused. Wait isn't she selling the Service provider's Phones and Sim Cards? I just don't get it so I talked to this very nice Customer Service lady. She insisted that I just talk to Fido and not the store since the store it self isn't in their jurisdictions and refuses even our refund.  She doesn't want me to communicate to that unclear store anymore so I won't have anymore worse experience. And here I am waiting for my phone to get here it arrives at August 29th Damn it. I'm going to send the phone to Fido so I can get my money spent on it back. And when I arrived at 5pm, There was an accident and a car crashed on an electric box and so there isn't any power. God damn circumstance so I ended up just waiting for it til I fell asleep. The phone I was getting by the way is the LG optimus x2 which I got for approximately 50 bucks. That was probably a steal considering the LG optimus x2 p990 is like the LG P999 of T-mobile. Friday is not bad.

Enjoy the music while you read.

after that play this

The review got delayed because of these guys, I'm gonna look for my links again to give ya. Anyways I  will post that review probably tomorrow or on Sunday. This has been a day of up and downs guys, I'm going to have to punch my sister's teddy bears to relieve stress lol. And BOO for 24 days to go for my phone to arrive. Been nice ranting a little bit guys, and as always Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Perfectionist Wednesday

It's raining today,
And YAY! for 1k+ views and 100+ followers
Thank you so much guys. I could have not done it without you :) and I'm looking forward to having more followers.
Back on topic: It's raining today.

I'm sorry for being too slow for this. I have finally put a verse on the song that I am making.

Morning Sunrise has never been so bright
with the help of the moon shining her light
you helped me rise up high,
I would not know what to do with out you on my sky.

The only treasure I'll take care of,
The only progress I will keep an eye out.
Never had someone in my life
made me stand up and fight.

Yeah pretty much that for now. Since I literally am blacking out of meaningful ideas and all the ideas that I have been getting is just too shallow. I'm such a perfectionists that even when I felt that this was done it still feels not perfect I don't it's probably is just me. Garbage writing I know lol. I doodled my ass up to come up with something I would like.

Anyway it's raining here and feels like Limbo so Imma give you some LULz.

You could have at least chuckled or you are a heartless person and nothing pleases you anymore haha.

On yahoo news:

Earth once had two moons?

From yahoo news:

WASHINGTON (AP) — In a spectacle that might have beguiled poets, lovers and songwriters if only they had been around to see it,Earth once had two moons, astronomers now think. But the smaller one smashed into the other in what is being called the "big splat."
The result: Our planet was left with a single bulked-up and ever-so-slightly lopsided moon.
The astronomers came up with the scenario to explain why the moon's far side is so much more hilly than the one that is always facing Earth.
The theory, outlined Wednesday in the journal Nature, comes complete with computer model runs showing how it might have happened and an illustration that looks like the bigger moon getting a pie in the face.
Outside experts said the idea makes sense, but they aren't completely sold yet.
This all supposedly happened about 4.4 billion years ago, long before there was any life on Earth to gaze up and see the strange sight of dual moons. The moons themselves were young, formed about 100 million years earlier when a giant planet smashed into Earth. They both orbited Earth and sort of rose in the sky together, the smaller one trailing a few steps behind like a little sister in tow.
The smaller one was a planetary lightweight. The other was three times wider and 25 times heavier, its gravity so strong that the smaller one just couldn't resist, even though it was parked a good bit away.

I don't think I'm ready to believe this yet. I guess with lots of mysteries on earth alone I won't grasp this for now. For me It's a little too much haha. A little more than before I guess. What I would love though is a better explanation of life it self. Or a real and unquestionable proof about evolution, Let me be a little of a conspiratorial guy in a sec.You think the Vatican is hiding something from us? haha I guess time will tell.? It always does.

More over.

Here is a good instrumental if you want to listen to some instrumental. I'm just gonna throw this out.

Tomorrow I will be reviewing a band, I'm gonna look them up a bit more to see if they really are overrated or not. If they're not then I'm changing the band. I'm taking off now guys and I will go back some more stuff asap. This is your Internet neighbor Jobless Guy taking off, And as always
 Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Tuesday. Lazy update. Video editing.

Sorry If I ain't gonna be posting about my day today and no news at all. But I got videos.
I edited a video or might as well say I movie maker'd it. 
Put some song on it.

Here is what I did:

Here is the original vid.

Slowed down

Sped up

This guy is funny as hell You should check him out here is his channel:

Well, That is it for me today. Have fun on your days guys. And as always Thanks for reading.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Things that I came across when I went to a coffee shop at 8am.

Note: Play the song on the bottom of the page while you read on guys.
Today I felt blank making a blog. But what hit me is how to start with these songs I'm making.
So to not bore you more with words here I found a Rolly Polly or what they call woodlouse.
I have found small ones like as big as peppercorns but this particular guy is actually as long as a dime and as thick as 5-6 stacks of dime. It's just my first time seeing this big ass Rolly Polly. 

So I decided to pee.

 I went to the washroom and to my surprise. A big pile of tissues on the toilet. Whoever did this probably just miss using tissues, like this is his reunion with them. Talk about environmentally friendly.
Speaking of environment. I found a small-ish forest behind the coffee shop when I parked my car. It has 4 cats in it. I saw them because once I arrived they showed out. Probably someone is feeding them and they accustomed to the idea that whenever there's someone who comes near the mini forest, they just show up. I didn't get to take a picture because my phone takes 2-3 seconds to process the picture that time and the felines started to run back to their home noticing that I don't have anything for them. 

And I found an interesting news from a yahoo.

Homeless man donates thousands to single mother.

Apparently the homeless guy Made at least $9000 out of panhandling on the streets of Chicago. He has been doing it since December of last year just to help the lady banker (jobless like me) because she has been good to him and treated him with dignity and respect when she was still a successful person. It's funny how small deeds of a man helped the single mom to get through this hardship. 

These kinds of stories kinda hits my chest pump pretty good because I my self sometimes despises homeless guys (most of them at least, because most of them looks like crack addicts.). And I commend the lady for being a good person to the homeless guy, and now he is returning the favor.

Hope you all had a good read today. And as always thanks for reading guys. I wish I can finish my song ASAP so I can show you some of it lol. See ya guys!

And here is your song Please play it while you read around.