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Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm back! after a week being away from my computer.

Before you read up let me provide you with a music while you read.

                      Sorry guys it took me exactly 1 week or more to go back to my computer, I had a job. For a week, cleaning stuff. 500 dollars in a week isn't half bad. Was not bad and had some trippy moments with the neighborhood trippy guy that always hang around with me whenever I clean the washrooms.
This isn't him, this is the double rainbow guy.

I'm going to quote one of unforgettable words from him.

googled "tripping" this looked trippy enough.

"Whoa dude, is this a dream? This is the first time I had been on a woman's washroom. Slap me silly please, because this might be a dream for a 33 year old guy like me."

"Have you ever feel like a big head looking around people and seeing things like normal people don't?"

"Nothing is cash, Whoever said it's cash. It's not cash to me. Cash is something that has a value and for me, my life is cash."

I never had a chance to ask for permission of his picture so I never took one. But yes he is trippy as hell and gives off a "it's all good" vibe. he made me less bored whenever he hangs around
as I clean those washrooms. He is somewhat a
co-owner of some store I have not time to check lol.

Sorry to bother you with my long comeback posts. So I give you and entertaining clip.
This is Captain awesome.

So yeah I'm back and glad to. See ya guys and as always Thanks for reading.


  1. hahaha awesome artillery shot! && glad you are back :D

  2. Welcome back :) It's good you were able to make some money. I also really love the trippy guy, hope you get to meet him again. He sounds awesome, and he said some awesome things.

  3. Welcome back! I guess you couldn't post about life as a jobless guy while you had a job lol.

  4. Sounds like a mad guy haha, welcome back!

  5. Well, well, wel-come back :D
    btw, that is one long tag, you have to seperate them with commas

  6. Welcome back ^___^ (applause)

    whoa. you almost got me. I thought for a second, he was the guy you were telling us about..glad it just a rainbow! haha..Ü


  7. Cool dude. I like that you post a song to listen to while I read. Can't go wrong with 3 little birds. Welcome back!

  8. In Helicanus may you well descry Following!

  9. haha, this guy rocks! and love the trippy pic. :)

  10. I wish i could afford to be an eccentric

  11. LOL. the double rainbow guy makes me smile

  12. Used to work with a guy like that, shifts just disappeared as he started rambling on.

  13. That captain awesome vid is hilarious, also welcome back!

  14. A week of work, 500 bucks? Not bad, mate, not bad! :)

  15. 500 a week isn't bad at all! You keep up the good work and your going to have to re-name your blog :)

  16. that last quote actually sounds like a really good quote

  17. checkin' you out =))
    hope you're doing well..^_^