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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Hello Fellas. Change of plans.

I think I might not be able to keep up on the schedule at all. Damn decisions, I kinda didn't see it coming that after Sunday It's Monday. I know that was pretty late rofl.

And yes. It's underrated bands (Canadians first) Time again.

I wasn't sure If the first band that I was suppose to review is underrated now because lately they have been getting more and more attention. So I changed it From Hollerado to Hey Rosetta!

Hollerado is probably going mainstream probably lol.

So here goes. 

Hey Rosetta

This band is awesome in some points. Their song is more of a feeling, It feels like they are more into putting emotions or feelings into their songs. So far the songs I have heard from them gave me feelings of losing someone and the other is the feeling of someone new coming to your life. I will put up 3 of their songs for your glory. Alright enough of the details because you can clearly look them up on their wiki and website. Their probably underrated like other indie bands too.
Anyways here is their music.

Red Heart

This song portrays the man on the video's life it represented him as a color. The video of the song fits perfectly, because it describes what those colors on the means. Red both can represent death and life, On this video the car is red her representation is RED. She is his life. and from the song says "Somewhere in the red the colors end". So we can assume she died? Check out the comments on the video. No one is trolling and some people are actually giving out good responses lol. They have some thoughtful comments on what the song and the video is representing.

Alright Next song is featured on my blog on my earlier blogging days because I liked it and took time to tab the chords. Here is the blog post if you are interested: LINK.


Yep, This song is about a baby coming out to the world. 

Nuff said. Enjoy the music lol.

Last but not the least.

Hey Rosetta - The Simplest Thing

This song is something that I can listen to while I read books. It's somehow becoming related to me the more I listen to it.

And I'm done. Then let me commence this "SO close, yet SO far" Pictures for you all.

Hope you had fun. So my Sunday post is done for now guys. I am your Friendly neighborhood jobless guy Signing out. And  as always Thanks for reading.


  1. I really like Hey Rosetta, there acoustic sound is cool. plus videos are nice

  2. Or die in the adventure, be my helps, Following!

  3. Really liked the video for red heart, loved the very home video feel of it and then end is just so sad.

    Soo much hover hand, they just need to go for it, hover hand is weird.

  4. I liked the mellowness of that band. I am also a fan of the hoverhand.

  5. Don't like the HR. Sorry. :S
    Also, I never understood why guys do that. I mean, dude, hug the girl!

  6. I never did understand the hover hand thing..

  7. lol hoverhands are really awkward to look at but hilarious at the same time

  8. Liked the music. Also great pics

  9. haha poor guys! this hoverhand needs to cease to exist

  10. to affraid to hug a girl? Forever alone ^^

  11. checkin' on you, hope you're doing fine :)


  12. haha funny pics and that is a chillmode song! love it

  13. You really like Canadian bands don't you? :P

  14. Hover hand is awesome. It's immediately apparent, who's the beta here. :/

  15. LOL funny pictures. Silly guys.

  16. great photos they make me laugh

  17. hey! hope you're doing just fine :)