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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Tuesday. Lazy update. Video editing.

Sorry If I ain't gonna be posting about my day today and no news at all. But I got videos.
I edited a video or might as well say I movie maker'd it. 
Put some song on it.

Here is what I did:

Here is the original vid.

Slowed down

Sped up

This guy is funny as hell You should check him out here is his channel:

Well, That is it for me today. Have fun on your days guys. And as always Thanks for reading.


  1. haha nice cover, also good editing!!

  2. hahahaha I had seen the original Niki impression, slowed down is just... Interesting.

  3. haha i love these edits! you made me lol thanx!!!!

  4. oh god. I can't look away. and now I have the song in my head!

  5. Interesting edits there. Have a good one.