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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday morning. Update? Ramblings?

Still on a "no idea" streak. I'ts been days since I said to Zerotix that I will make a song for his daughter because I liked his blog title. And for a while I have been blank on the idea. It doesn't have a time limit though but, I just have to worry about it? I worry too much, or perhaps it's just the heat because I haven't taken a shower yet. Probably that. Well guys, I will be updating you up later with some stuff that I will find in the next hours or so. See you guys later. I might look up at yahoo news. But oh well.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sunny day and I always wondered why I always loved typing on the keyboard.

This is probably why, Don't mind these words on the paper. These are just the new parody song I'm composing. I might post it here but I'll be posting it on my League of legends Blog here.

 And it's oh so awesome day today.
At 9am the sun is up like 11am.
The wind is blowing cool air.

Let's get some news in here, Saturday July 30Th of 2011.
From yahoo news: No interesting news/stories today. 

Damn it.

Anyway I'll be updating something once I get my songs up I'm making them all together whenever an idea pops out. They might come all together in one post lol or one day. Whatever it may be, I hope you will like it.

Friday, July 29, 2011

So far Not good. Side Review of Band: Zeus

Today is the day when I woke up at 4pm. Then again I haven't slept last night AT ALL. Things makes me over-think and worrisome. Finished the order of a cd mix last night, Doing the menu for a restaurant today,  Going to try to squeeze up a song lyric on my head, and gonna try to finish 2 more projects I need to do. And come to think of it I need to review a band too.

Can I start now?

We are here to talk about this indie rock band:


Fortunately these guys have their own wikipedia page. So Let me indulge you to some infos about them.

Zeus is a Toronto-based Canadian indie rock band, signed to the record label Arts & Crafts, whose members include Rob Drake, Carlin Nicholson, Mike O'Brien, and Neil Quin. In addition to recording and performing the music of Zeus, the band also serves as the backing band for Canadian musician Jason Collett.

Anyway guys Their the type of band that you will chill with. Their genre is pretty cool and I certainly enjoyed their music. Here is one of the title:

                         Marching Through Your Head


The long intro is just on the video lol.

This song is free to download on their website.

Second song :

                                    The Sound Of You

Zeus is really and underrated Band, They have good music and a relax feel to it. I recommend you check them out here is their Myspace:

I'am Out of it for today guys. This band is awesome. So if you're stressed like me at the moment I recommend you listen to this hipster-ish rock indie band to soothe your senses.Who knows maybe I'll whip you up later or tomorrow some news from or something related a little more lol. We will never know though anyways I'm out for the day. Hopefully I didn't bore you too much. This is your blogging neighbor the Jobless Guy Saying: "Have a better day than mine!" See ya guys.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Well.. s***. No internet?

Internet decided to be an annoying bitch today. it turned on and off til I get to finish what I was suppose to do. So yeah I made a little progress on the song that I have been making. No sudden burst of idea. So I guess I will be waiting for more lol. While I make the second review for a song, I just got some idea out of it.
Thanks for reading this short post of mine. I hope you don't get bored enough.

I decided to review some bands that I find underrated.

                                                                     Picture unrelated.

                                               Yes as you can read I decided to review bands that I find in the internet and is currently underrated. And to my surprise I found a bunch of Canadian bands that are underrated, Take note I will be reviewing not just Canadian bands but American bands too. I just find it easier to find Canadian bands for now because I live in Canada. And my favorite radio station is playing some aspiring Canadian artists so it's some what easier for me to find. Yeah I know that was a lazy move but this is just my first time reviewing bands Probably to my tatse too but don't worry I won't be too biased I promised.

 Let me start of to this band named: 

                                                               DINOSAUR BONES
                                                            Genre: Alternative & Punk

                                                       Dinosaur Bones is just awesome think about this if dinosaurs are alive today, and you can ride on a stegosaurus' head so up high in the sky isn't that awesome? I think that's how I describe awesomeness. Anyways here are some of their songs.

First song:    
                                                                   Ice Hotels

This song is making me feel nostalgic I have no idea why. It's just explaining the trial and error of humans as they try to conquer the skies. The video was awesome and suits the song perfectly. This song is good if your trying to think at least for me. Whenever I feel that I have to do something I listen to these kinds of songs.

  Ice Hotels

The day's sky cracked in half
We didn't flinch, we knew it was coming
The old man with the big brown dog
You said (unintelligible), he'd heard the warning

Toast to the newly wed petrified bride
White knuckled grip, toes keep tapping
Silently praying for a change in the tide
Dry this place up and keep her from drowning

Stay up all night in ice hotels
Frostbite grip leaves a story to tell
Love got lost in that ice hotel
Under bear skin rugs

The end is all with which we can depend
Twisted stomachs over things we don't care for
It still burns to know that they're gone
The hot blooded nights you know you still pine for

Stay up all night in ice hotels
Frostbite grip leaves a story to tell
Love got lost in that ice hotel
Under bear skin rugs


Hopefully You enjoyed Ice Hotel By Dinosaur bones. 
I don't know if I convinced you yet but have a listen to the second song.

Next is their new song called:  

Now, this song is awesome not because I like it but this song actually made me listen to Dinosaur Bones just hearing it on the radio.  Enough said? alright I'll you alone to listen to it.

N.Y.E  Lyrics

Two more years of this then I'll retire 
My hands are raw and I've lost a tie 
Can't keep pace with all the smiling faces 
They know I've lost all my pride 

Two more days of this then I'll go blind 
My eyes are closed but it frames of white 
You've been gone for only two days now 
My bed is cold I've done my time 

Who could have known 
you would be here 
You would be here 
on your own 
Who could have known 
You would be here 
You would be here 
on your own, on your own 

Spinning satellite the year is changing 
New Years Eve is just another night 
If I told you that the sky was falling 
Would you try and start a fight 

Who could have known 
you would be here 
You would be here 
on your own 
Who could have known 
You would be here 
You would be here 
on your own 
Who could have known 
you would be here 
You would be here 
on your own 
Who could have known 
You would be here 
You could be here 
on your own, on your own

Isn't it awesome?

Here are some of their album covers:

 I think this band needs more to have credit for giving such an awesome music. Their band is good on live too, I was on the Edgefest 2011 and boy their awesome on live. Try out "Highwire Act" and "Point of Pride" too. And "Royalty." God Dammit, buy the whole thing! :D or pretty much just go on Youtube lol. 

Once again this is friendly neighborhood Lazy Jobless Guy. Have a nice day.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Good morning Bloggers!

This one is bright as hell and I can't see anything.

                                         This was taken at 7am and the sun was up high already.

It's 8: 30am and here I am again, taking pictures of the sky. I'm gonna post a Band + music review later (not a Sublime review). Anyway I was listening to Sublime with Rome on my morning drive. The new vibe is awesome but I like Bradley's vibe better than Rome's new vibe.I liked Panic, and I liked this other song they have together on the album. Take it or Leave it.

Just so you don't know Sublime is a band of three with lead singer and guitarist Brad Nowell, bassist Eric Wilson, and drummer Bud Gaugh. Brad Nowell died in May 1996 And the band broke up because according to their manager Jason Westfall- "Just like Nirvana Sublime died when Brad died". And they kinda came back in Feb. 2009 with a then 20 years old Rome Ramirez after a show in Nevada, Then they made it official on August of 2009 that Rome is the new vocals but not on Sublime but in Sublime with Rome. And they just released their album Yours Truly last July this year.

                                                                        Sublime forever.

On the side note Brad is awesome as hell heck his lyrics covers story about their life as Sublime (and crack addicts lol). And  Rome Ramirez kinda reminds me of Justin Beiber.  hahahaha. Sorry, I shouldn't be degrading the guy so much. :P And I'll be posting my Review of a band Called Dinosaur Bones later on. I'll be back later guys!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I don't feel inspirational today.

     That morning sky!

Back to topic:
I don't feel inspirational Today.

Well not really, but I'm like 20% inspired lol. Found another video of Fagio, I mean Fabio and he was challenging the old Old Spice Guy.
And here is their ManoAMano in El BaƱo.

Anyhow let me fill you up with some news.

And I hear that America is going bankrupt? I have no idea what the hell is going on. CBC

Amy Whinehouse's Private funeral Today, Tuesday.CBC
I't a private funeral  so Fans can't go to it, I don't even know if she still has fans prior to the last video I saw her in.

                     I guess it's for the greater good. To prevent shit storm. But you have to hand it  to humanity, now that she is gone they now say that she is one of the best. Why do people love kissing dead people's ass? Just like how Micheal Jackson was remembered only because he died. Imagine if a famous person lives forever, his/her fame dies off along with his/her mortal fans. I bet you 100% Amy Whinehouse's videos on Youtube are gonna go sky rocket on views only because people feel bad about her. I honestly don't give a flying fuck about it. It was indeed her fault, it was her choice to either get over alcohol or drugs but it's not just hers where were the people who "cares" when she is still alive they could have at the very least tried to prevent her from ruining her life. Anyway what's done is done. Let's just all get over it. And remember this phrase.

Oh and here is an update for that freaking "Mundo Like a boss" sound clip. I'm too lazy to finish it today. damn it. so many lines. Damn Audacity lol.

Anyway guys I'll hit you up next time I see something interesting. 
Sorry for this very long post.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Finally had the urge to compose a song.

It's been a while since I got and inspiration to compose a song. I will be posting updates on how it's doing. I hope you guys will like it.
 and thanks to Zerotix because his blog title (Good morning selena) made inspired enough to make me a song.

Anyway thanks for reading up guys!

Woke up to the morning rain.

Yes, I drove earlier to send my resume on this job that I liked. Mother nature woke me up @ 7am With thunderstorms. And thanks to it I have the motivation to do almost productive things.

I'm starting to learn dubstep too guys. To help my brother out on Legends Parody. Because I just heard his "Mundo: Like a boss"
I wanted to edit his work but I fall asleep at 11 earlier and I just woke up again!
In other unrelated stuff.

Amy whinehouses autopsy fails to find cause of death

- Police have said the cause of her death is being treated as "unexplained," and that speculation that she might have suffered an overdose is "inappropriate."

Damn They will be needing to delve into more inept search perhaps toxicology? We will know soon enough.

On other other other news.

Norway Death toll lowered to 76 from last time's over 90?
Oslo killing.

Man, as you can see they mourned the tragic day. And regarding on the killer, their gonna make him more crazier becasue he is gonna get isolated for 4 weeks.  And hot damn this guy is such an extrimist. " Heger said while Breivik acknowledged he was responsible for the attacks, the suspect believed he needed to carry out the acts in order to "save Norway and Western Europe from cultural Marxism and a Muslim takeover."
Read that? He has Muslim-phobia, damn psychopath. his reason is extremely raxcist too. In my honest opinion.

I'll be giving you more stuff later on today because I just woke up and this is all I can think of. Perhaps I'll be giving you a preview of my first dubstep ( no matter how aweful it is lol).

See ya guys and once again, Thanks for reading.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Have you seen the new Old spice guy?

Let me Introduce you to Fagio, I mean Fabio.

Here is the Youtube channel.

Compared to this guy.

      I don't think they made a bad campaign choice. They're making this terrible bad old spice guy as a brilliant joke from what they were doing before. And they're getting all of us trolled, talking about Old Spice once again. Old Spice is a freaking Troll as always.

Thanks for reading This 2nd blog of the day! And as always we just got trolled by Old Spice.

And may Fagio kiss you tonight!

About Feminism.

I Just Wanted you to watch this. His arguments are the same as what I have in mind for such a long time.

This show "The Talk" is annoying as hell. I only watched 3 seconds of it and you bet your ass, It made me rage.

The up-loader of the video or might say the fat guy talking on the video pretty much says what men around the world thinks. On that show they have defined that cutting women's private parts are "different" to cutting men's private parts. I'm pretty much being judgmental but I think that the old lady that is always giving out the humor to this tragic event that happened to the guy is either a divorced or have something against men in general.

Then again It's just everyone's fault. I can't blame them enough that their so sexist among men, when they actually need men to feed them (literally), to always get their back and to fill holes that they need to get some plug on. Remember how Muslims threat women? I think they use that as an excuse to ridicule us just like how we ridicule them. Those mom jokes, those yo mama Jokes, those women driver jokes. I think it's just them fighting back.

I'll leave you this motivational picture.

Sorry for the long read. And I hope I made sense. Sorry for my English too because English is my second language. :D

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Guess what?

The norway killer who killed more than 90 people in a summer camp may get 21 years on jail.
From :
timesofindia news

OSLO: The person suspected of carrying out terrorist attacks in Norway will be charged for terrorist activity, while the maximum prison sentence in Norway is 21 years, Norway police said Saturday.

Over ninety people have been killed in the two attacks since Friday.

Police have confirmed that arrested 32-year-old Norwegian, Anders Behring Breivik, was involved both in the explosion in Oslo, and in a shooting at a youth summer camp on Utoya Island.

Police did not link the tragedy to any international terrorist organisations but said the suspect was connected with right-wing extremism.

Norway's national TV channel NRK said the police believed there were at least two gunmen disguised as policemen who attacked the camp.

"Young people with whom NRC reporters talked on Friday, night said there were two criminals, rather than one, as expected."

During the interrogation on Saturday Breivik, who is believed to belong to right-extremist groups in eastern Norway, confessed his crime and said it was he who organised the shooting spree from two different kinds of firing guns on the island, Dagbladet tabloid newspaper said.

Take note: He is also one of the people who plotted the bombing or as they say he is linked to it.

In other news people of the internet have speculations that Amy whine house has killed her self because of Norway's tragedy. You guys think so too?

Pictures below may be disturbing to some Blog readers.


Aside from the news that Amy Whinehouse was just found dead earlier:

Here is an awesome video of the world's Largest Bomb. 4x bigger than any bombs that America has launched.
The Tsar Bomb.

"Why so large?" 

Thanks for reading my daily blog! :D

Friday, July 22, 2011

Bored and Just woke up at 11am.

Man, being a jobless bum is Boring.
I only lurk the intrawebz to not get bored watch some funny videos play some, MineCraft, Play some LOL, Play some other games.

I stumbled upon this video where this guy "parkours" his way to the ground. Look at the back of the black kid. Any how it's way too noticeable for me to say anymore.
Sadly ,They never learn til they get hurt. Once they feel pain they have 2 choices GTFO there or stay doing it and be good enough to actually not fuck up.

I on the other part want to do it, But obviously I'm a lazy ass. That's why I'm a jobless bum.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Not because I'm a bum it doesn't mean I don't read books!

                Lately I've been re-reading my books because I'm bored of my computer games, Not really a Nerdfighter (what fans of John Green and his brother Hank Green call themselves) but I enjoyed John Green's Books especially Paper towns and Looking for Alaska. I might pre-order this books once I get accepted on a job or More or less get my tax return (I know I won't get much). But anyway If you guys want to go and see The Green Brother's channel Here is the Link. Their quite energetic and enjoyably giving out thoughts. Check em out their nerd-ish fun. :)

Anyhow here are my lists of books that will soon be bought by me.



               Yep so far I only got 3 books on my list and I haven't gotten anything on my eye yet, Anyone want to recommend me good books?

Damn my love for mysteries.

Anyways guys I'm gonna go head out for a bit (Job Hunting).
Wish me luck!

The new Blink 182

I honestly think that they have grown up with a new music, with all the dramas after the band broke up in 2005 I always knew they will return but not like the old Blink 182 but a grown up one.
I honestly liked this new song that they just released.

Up all night.

The new Blink 182 is gonna be AWESOME!

Ultimate Guitar! Welcome by Hey rosetta!

Pic related, That's what I felt when it got published.

My guitar tab on ultimate guitar just got published here you go guys!

Welcome by Hey Rosetta!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

No lifer

No Lifer = Bored = Nothing to do = Plank

Yes, this is on top of a baseball field fence.