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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Not because I'm a bum it doesn't mean I don't read books!

                Lately I've been re-reading my books because I'm bored of my computer games, Not really a Nerdfighter (what fans of John Green and his brother Hank Green call themselves) but I enjoyed John Green's Books especially Paper towns and Looking for Alaska. I might pre-order this books once I get accepted on a job or More or less get my tax return (I know I won't get much). But anyway If you guys want to go and see The Green Brother's channel Here is the Link. Their quite energetic and enjoyably giving out thoughts. Check em out their nerd-ish fun. :)

Anyhow here are my lists of books that will soon be bought by me.



               Yep so far I only got 3 books on my list and I haven't gotten anything on my eye yet, Anyone want to recommend me good books?

Damn my love for mysteries.

Anyways guys I'm gonna go head out for a bit (Job Hunting).
Wish me luck!


  1. there are a ton of free books at you can check out! audiobooks too! its great.

  2. Hmm.. I never really read that many books before. However, I read the Harry Potter books and I enjoyed them!

  3. These are great books you should also check Gomorrah by Roberto Saviano which was published in 2006.

  4. Nice blog :) Never heard about this titles, but i will use tis oportunity to promote my favourite book "Catch 22" J. Heller.

  5. @Numinus
    Never had the chance to read one haha.

    I'll look up the books you guys recommend.

  6. I'm a bit of a book nerd myself.
    What genres are you reading the most?

  7. whats your favorite book?

  8. @Blogsberg Mostly mysteries and some fictions are not bad too.
    @Aver nothing as of now. but I like em all! haha