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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I don't feel inspirational today.

     That morning sky!

Back to topic:
I don't feel inspirational Today.

Well not really, but I'm like 20% inspired lol. Found another video of Fagio, I mean Fabio and he was challenging the old Old Spice Guy.
And here is their ManoAMano in El Baño.

Anyhow let me fill you up with some news.

And I hear that America is going bankrupt? I have no idea what the hell is going on. CBC

Amy Whinehouse's Private funeral Today, Tuesday.CBC
I't a private funeral  so Fans can't go to it, I don't even know if she still has fans prior to the last video I saw her in.

                     I guess it's for the greater good. To prevent shit storm. But you have to hand it  to humanity, now that she is gone they now say that she is one of the best. Why do people love kissing dead people's ass? Just like how Micheal Jackson was remembered only because he died. Imagine if a famous person lives forever, his/her fame dies off along with his/her mortal fans. I bet you 100% Amy Whinehouse's videos on Youtube are gonna go sky rocket on views only because people feel bad about her. I honestly don't give a flying fuck about it. It was indeed her fault, it was her choice to either get over alcohol or drugs but it's not just hers where were the people who "cares" when she is still alive they could have at the very least tried to prevent her from ruining her life. Anyway what's done is done. Let's just all get over it. And remember this phrase.

Oh and here is an update for that freaking "Mundo Like a boss" sound clip. I'm too lazy to finish it today. damn it. so many lines. Damn Audacity lol.

Anyway guys I'll hit you up next time I see something interesting. 
Sorry for this very long post.


  1. Ugh, i've never liked fabio. You should compose a song instead of posting things about him.

  2. Still an interesting post mate, hope you find more inspiration :p im constantly at 200% B) Whats your take on this Fabio guy, i think the Other dude owns old spice now, spent a full day watchin his videos

  3. that winehouse video was very sad. she obviously had some issues that nobody wanted to help her with.

  4. @Michael Yes I should haha. But this guy trolling the whole world makes me think how brilliant people who makes these videos for old spice.

    @Bigshanks I'm jealous, as far as I can remember the last time I felt 200% inspiration was like 3 years ago when I still have a girlfriend (lol I know It's been a while)

    @mike Yes it was too sad but Somehow you can't stop thinking that her decisions made her to where she is now. Which is 6 feet under (soon)

  5. I think people kiss dead peoples asses because they know it will be them one day, no matter who you are.

  6. that Fabio guy is still alive??

  7. I Will admit the sky is beautiful :D,
    I was out earlier, and it's NICE! I love how its summer and nice and cool out today.

  8. oh! the morning sky! I love it!
    well, hello there Fabio ^_^ hahaha!
    you should feel "inspirational" everyday :)

  9. I never feel inspired to do anything.

  10. Fabio's so gay... I can't tell if Old Spice is really backing him or not lol