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Monday, July 25, 2011

Woke up to the morning rain.

Yes, I drove earlier to send my resume on this job that I liked. Mother nature woke me up @ 7am With thunderstorms. And thanks to it I have the motivation to do almost productive things.

I'm starting to learn dubstep too guys. To help my brother out on Legends Parody. Because I just heard his "Mundo: Like a boss"
I wanted to edit his work but I fall asleep at 11 earlier and I just woke up again!
In other unrelated stuff.

Amy whinehouses autopsy fails to find cause of death

- Police have said the cause of her death is being treated as "unexplained," and that speculation that she might have suffered an overdose is "inappropriate."

Damn They will be needing to delve into more inept search perhaps toxicology? We will know soon enough.

On other other other news.

Norway Death toll lowered to 76 from last time's over 90?
Oslo killing.

Man, as you can see they mourned the tragic day. And regarding on the killer, their gonna make him more crazier becasue he is gonna get isolated for 4 weeks.  And hot damn this guy is such an extrimist. " Heger said while Breivik acknowledged he was responsible for the attacks, the suspect believed he needed to carry out the acts in order to "save Norway and Western Europe from cultural Marxism and a Muslim takeover."
Read that? He has Muslim-phobia, damn psychopath. his reason is extremely raxcist too. In my honest opinion.

I'll be giving you more stuff later on today because I just woke up and this is all I can think of. Perhaps I'll be giving you a preview of my first dubstep ( no matter how aweful it is lol).

See ya guys and once again, Thanks for reading.


  1. I was working outside this morning and it started raining. Thankfully I got most of my work done, but still. This state needs the rain though. Our grass is turning yellow :X

    And the Amy Winehouse thing has gotten so out of control. I honestly don't care.

  2. I'm jealous its just dry down here in Texas! and your dubstep made me rofl!

  3. Yeah it's been a hectic week hasn't it? Crazy shit going on in the news and whatnot

  4. I'm enjoying that sort of weather atm. :)

    About Amy: Come on. They don't know what caused it? Come on! I'm guessing that drugs and alcohol didn't have nothing to do with it.

    And that Norway dude... He should be locked up for good.

  5. I can't get why people do things like that...

  6. Condolences to the families of the people who died in Norway. Also, those are some pretty nice pics, I'm missing the rain from yesterday though it was hot and humid today here

  7. lol @ Amy winehouse. AND NOTHING OF VALUE WAS LOST etc...

  8. I love rainy days, especially thunderstorms. Just chill and watch the lightning. The Norway deal is extremely shitty, they didn't deserve that. Nobody does, really.

  9. It's always rainging over here. God damn sweden.

  10. good work on your blog, bro! whoa! what a sad weekend to the world huh? + followed

  11. id bet amy winehouse died of some kind of overdose

  12. I was driving in some crazy rain the other day. People were pulling over like they didn't know how to drive or something...

  13. He's got a point that Europe is getting over populated because of the amount Muslims that are immigrating here. However killing people is not going to change it.