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Monday, August 29, 2011

What happened last week. I'm back again lol.

Been a while? :D 
So I'm back.
How was the week? Here it is.
Mon-Thursday is kinda bland. so We off to the less boring parts of the day.
Friday, It was tiring and finally the end of weekdays.
Was a good sunny day for me. Hot and windy weather just made me feel good instead of feeling stressed. 

Saturday this Happened.
Early in the morning I was just going home. at 5am-6am
It was kind of creepy lol. 

Silent Hill much?

That new hotel above looked like an abandoned haunted place in Silent Hill games.

uh oh cars disappearing one by one.

Now there is nothing here:

As of date I have no idea IF I should buy a car now. Or just save it in case.
And holy mother of god! This what I fucking want!

$499 IS kind of expensive I would've prefer a bigger one like 32 inch?
The features where awesome though but I really will loved it for 499 and it's 32 inch.

I won't be putting music on this because I wanted you to hear this. I always hear this on my favorite radio station.

They make me Rofl every morning.

Job is done for now so here I am and will probably update a little more than before.
I will find more stuff that might interest you and post it immediately here.
This has been your Friendly jobless guy signing out and as always thanks for reading.


  1. That fog is creepy. The cars go in, but they don't come out :O

  2. Did the bloke with the pyramid for a head show up?

  3. Man, you have an interesting blog. I like it.

  4. To compass such a boundless happiness! Following!

  5. yeah..Silent Hill. whoa! scary! mostly, that's the cause of accidents :(
    you really should be careful every now and then :)

  6. Dude, don't complain; I love that kind of weather! :)

  7. Great photos, the fog was awesome!


  8. Sunny to Silent Hill? Sounds like my area.

  9. Ooh, that is kind of creepy!