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Thursday, October 13, 2011

And so, I bought Dark souls.


And it was too bad that I just now realized that I don't have a working PVR to record my game-play so I might record it on my phone (1080p but degraded of course) and it may took a while of getting used to. I'm restarting my game-play cause I messed up lol. I might end up buying a capture card or what not.  PVR and Capture cards are just Expensive. $200 for a good one same goes for capture cards. If anyone of you know a cheap capture card and has a good quality let me know!

Okay, Another topic.

Actually I walked my way to Futureshop to buy Dark Souls.
And on the way I took some pictures.
A (haunted) deserted house? I want to believe :(
It was a huge Farm house with hectares of land.
looks a bit creepy in my opinion.
I took these pictures with my phone. :D
I love d it and the hype about iphone 4s.
I just don't get it lol.
Back to topic.

This place was close to a regional highway I was walking on my way to the shop. Kind of reminded me of those movies, The Saint Francisville Experiment and the last exorcism (the scenery is what scares me the most) Thought that movie (the last exorcism is funny as hell)  Is terrible, I still like the movie setting. I would never hate on settings like those. Sometimes They terrify me more than the ghost on the movie it self.
This kind of left an impression lol. Since Halloween is almost here.
I might make an EMO song for Halloween I don't know maybe yes maybe no lol.

That's it for now and I leave you with this awesome picture and play the music with it if you want lol.

Teenagers From Mars - Misfits

Hope this doesn't your love for the female body guys ( it almost did to me). 
Once again this is you neighbor jobless guy signing off and as always Thanks for reading!
 Do you feel the same way?
See ya! :P


  1. I love the first picture with the leaves :)

  2. its a deserted house so it HAS to be haunted. No more questions ^^

  3. That's like the ultimate butterface.

    Whose face is that anyway? When I saw the drawn version of it I thought it was Jim Carrey's, but it doesn't look like it now.

  4. oh. it doesn't look haunted to me =))

    was it a scary place? because the view around the house is nice. haha


    @Bob It was Katy Perry. Hahaha

    @Mai Well it gives off this "Abandoned house creepy stuff is happening" vibe. Watch this video and you will know what I mean.

  6. That is a spooky farm house. At least you seem to be having fun with your new game lol. It'd be very pissy if a game you bought turned out to be shit. The main reason so few seem to buy.

  7. @Mark lol I Don't know if I should put frustration and fun at the same category hahahaha

  8. My friend was bugging me to get Dark Souls.

    I think I'll pass for now. :P

  9. @DWei lol Yes you can buy later hwne it's cheaper but I was just too excited to play this game because I played and finished Demon Souls. So I was eager lol.

  10. Holy crap at that Yao Ming photo hahahah creepy indeed.
    Regarding the Misfits, did you have the chance to listen their new album? I haven't yet and i'm curious if it's decent or not worth listening.

  11. @HP They have a new album? I didn't know that lol. I might have to check it out and tell you if it is.

  12. I didn't know that they are that expensive. Have you tried on E-bay?

  13. @gizmo I haven't yet, Since I had a bad past experience with ebay last time. I bought a ps3 controller and it broke 2 times they sent me a new one and that one lasted until the 15 day warranty was done.

  14. Wow that katy perry photoshop will give me nightmares

  15. Dark Souls is a good kind of rage though :)

  16. @shaw yes it is. The time when I was raging all over and I end up finishing the boss gave me an overwhelming happiness and confidence! Damn I love that reward.

  17. nice two chinese dude xD

  18. I bet that there are all sorts of deformed people with weird fetishes living there. Stay away