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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Booo ya wednesday. AND WHAT? STEVE JOBS DEAD?

Just added:
Steve jobs died today October 5, 2011 because of health problems.

and so Rage™ was out yesterday and Dark Souls™ was out too like not too far ago. My ps3 is gathering dust . and I wanted to play both but I have no time anytime soon (haha) yup my job (being lazy) needs me full time.


Dark souls.

I can get RAge for free, but Dark Souls is going to need my full attention for like 3 weeks to fully enjoy that game. I'm still on this dilemma to either look for a job, play Dark Souls, play Rage or just be lazy. Tough choices.

And while browsing through youtube videos, I found this amazing cover of Skrillex's dubstep hit.

Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites

I must say above all everything sounded perfect except for the bass. As a bassist my self he did poorly, and he wears a glove thus made the bass sound a bit less. which shouldn't be the case. I played this song together with my 5.1 speaker and boost up the bass that I can barely hear even if I got it on max already. I must say fellow aspiring bassists I suggest you always practice your instrument to the point that you wont need gloves cause your hands are hurting. The trick and ring the bassist has gave that dubstep sound more Skrillex like. It works on dubstep music and electronic but on a normal play through the bass won't be heard at all if the bassist wears a glove. Maybe I should put up a video of me playing as a bassist hahaha


I made some lame submissions for Hasidic Plumber 's meme generator contest.
here they are.



I've been trying too hard! and yes this is the end of my post enjoy the music and as always Thanks for reading!


  1. Ahh those are pretty good entries. I'm not looking forward to rage really but Dark Souls has caught my eye.

  2. @Mark so you have a ps3 too? Cheers!

  3. hahahah those are pretty good entries actually.
    As for the skrillex cover, i already seen it. If anyone was able to pull that stuff, it had to be asians, they seem to have retardedly good musical skills.

  4. "Fatal error occurred."
    I'm sad, but can't stop laughing. :S

  5. Mh, Rage :s the gameplay seems a bit sucky

  6. i seriously have to get dark souls :D

  7. Dark Souls looks nice, good blog.

  8. Searching for a job is probably good thing..but being lazy is easier ^^

  9. 2nd time seeing that Skrillex video or whatever it's called and still not impressed.

  10. fatal error xD

  11. I currently need to choose between Rage and Dark Souls too.