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Saturday, September 10, 2011

I made a new song again. And confidence issues.

I made a song. A Cynical one/ Pessimistic?

Title: The Best Day.


This is the best
Of the worse day of my life
You were leaving, 
C              D
leaving out of sight.

G               C 
you never told me everything
G              C
you're not even there
G           C
not for one time 
not even once.

G                  C
You left without a word
G                   C
You left with no hesitation
G                   C
Didn't even think twice.
You just left.

G           D                        C                         
This the best day of the worst day of my life.
 G                   D                        C                  
you were leavin, leavin me out of sight.
Em                                  C
without a doubt you never loved me
it never worked. 
I could only care.

Is that cynical? Pessimistic?
Whatever my friends says it's Emo. lol.


Confidence is kind of annoying. Sometimes you have a huge one and sometimes the lowest.
(that's what she said,)
I don't know IF I should post my recording of this song. GAHHH I hate my low self esteem.

Anyway feel free to listen to this kind of  psychopathic or sociopath song.
Kind of just both but it's like his way of expressing love.

Tell me if I already put it on my previous posts cause I'm too lazy to look back lol.


  1. The song (that you wrote) was alright really. Emo yes but emotional art can be the most beautiful art. I have some serious confidence issues myself, sometimes I actually have an inner debate about whether or not to make a particular post lol.

  2. hmm..if only I have a guitar, would try to play this one (but, let me just tell you, I'm not good at it, not even close, I just know a little)

    re your comment: yeah, mine is razor too but I don't use it very often. lol. Idk why. I don't bring at school, I only use it for alarm. haha!
    And yeah, unlike somewhere else, Phil is the best when it comes to UNLIMITED. hahahahaha! ^_^

    I hope you're doing okay :)

  3. I have pretty low self esteem myself, so can't help you there. :/

  4. Who hasnt got issues with self esteem?
    And your friends are right, hehe

    And of course, music's not available in my country :/

  5. Confidence is really just making sure that no one knows how nervous you really are. :-)

    Fickle Cattle

  6. Better than anything I've ever written. :P

  7. Dude, that song kinda sucks. And it's a bit emo. :D
    But, you know, I'd love to hear you perform it. I mean, maybe you can shape it to something ok actually. Come on. Take that video camera, your guitar and let's go!