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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

One week of playing and still not being so productive.

Here I am wasted 1 week of doing stuff and just wasting time for my own leisure.

Whole week wasted for playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Of course  I am playing the cracked version because you know how I'm oh so broke. 
Watched the season premiere of 

The Office 

and  then

The Mentalists.

I say it was fun!


Came up with 2 song titles, which I will be posting sometime in the future.


Baked some pie.

And played with the "Dog". somehow he is running away when I approach him. but at the same time follows me when I run. Weird.
And I do it all day for him to have a proper exercise until I leash train him and make him get used to the outside environment(he squeals like a hurt puppy when I put a leash on him and he doesn't move when I bring him outside.)

Brap Shaggy being classy.

Those very dark face and very dark eyes.

You don't even see them hahaha.

Anyhow. These songs won't be coming anytime soon (Unless I get motivated lol)
And I told you laziness is like my whole existence. and my brother is procrastination.

And One little thing that pissed me off this week is when I bought this soup.

It says  "Steak" and potato. ALL I HAD WAS POTATO.

should I sue Campbell's for this? hahaha It actually ruined my day.
Well anyway this is the only thing that I have ever done since I last posted.
I may do my songs sooner or later, depending if my laziness don't hit me or not.
So see you guys and as always thanks for reading.


  1. I'm hoping I get Deux Ex for Christmas via Steam.

    And yeah, I'd complain about the soup but I have no idea who you'd send a stern letter to.

  2. this sounds like a perfect week to me :D
    Lets hope you get motivated but if you are really that lazy (just like me) then it looks bad ;P

  3. It isn't really wasted if you had fun. That dog is really cute too, hope you can get him used to the outside world, or at least that he stops running away from you.

  4. thumbs up for the awesome blog, lol as if youre passing on my week..

  5. ooooh! Shaggy!

    yeah yeah, Mentalist was fun! Patrick Jane is, as usual-a smart ass! Gosh. I wish I have his skills to read other people's gestures and manipulate them..that would be cool. right? :D

  6. Expecting an instant soup to have actual meat in it? Oh you silly thing..

  7. i really want too gettt on deus ex

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  9. Dude, make your own soup.
    Also, kudos for The Mentalist. Great show! :)

  10. Loved Deus Ex:HR
    Also, lol at the dog

  11. Everyone's talking about how good deus ex is, I'm gonna have to try it now

  12. If you enjoy, then it's not wasted time.