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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Trying to play a song and Tourettes guy!

I was browsing some songs on youtube and trying to see what to cover or learn.
I wanted to play this song.

Yeah kind of good. And then I stumbled upon this.

Apparently to you all people who don't know what his medical condition is. He has Tourette's Syndrome
It's a medical condition which a person has Tics. Just like when a radio broadcast gets interrupted by interference and tics are often associated with swears or words that the person don't actually mean. Here are videos about this interesting condition.


It's baffling and I feel bad for their condition, But in the end It is kind of funny on my part and I don't really see it as a thing to be ridiculed. But I admit I laughed at those funny moments that these kinds of people provide. On the mean time, I have been spending so much time with my dog that I often fall sleep beside him after hours of playing. I probably have songs to finish and make you listen to but on the mean time I'll be putting more topics.This is the end of my post for now and as always, Thanks for reading.